Our story is here and now and continues relentlessly

Our business narrative remains one of ongoing research, product development and innovation to give our esteemed market segment the best signature biscuits experience possible.

The ancient Shrewsbury shortbread is the oldest, formally recorded of its kind in England. Ingredients: Wheat flour. Butter. Sugar. Egg. & Aroma. Our exquisite and authentic signature recipe deploys our closely guarded and laborious artisan process, which takes years for a professional Pastry Chef to perfect and execute. Each and every single variable remains crucial. Our Shrewsbury signature biscuits have been specifically evolved and refined to complement tea & coffee beverages. Ideal for you, as a gift for your loved ones, friends or VIPs.

Pastry Masters Co. Inventive Artisans

From modest beginnings, Pastry Masters Co. has remained loyal to its artisan business model. The free will to create and the continued search for genuine ingredients. The attainment of unequalled know-how permits us the evolution of unique and delectable timeless confectionery.   

We want to revive long-lost or stuck-in-a-time-warp pastry recipes. Logically, we started with the celebrated Shrewsbury biscuit/cake, first printed in 1658. This precursor was commercially sold for some time but gradually disappeared. After exhaustive research at the London Central Library, our journey began in a small Shropshire pastry lab. The first question we posed was how to make this biscuit recipe more relevant for the 21st-century taste bud. Then proceeded by deploying all our acquired technical knowledge through meticulous prototyping.

Family-run, independent and socially responsible, the company is committed to maintaining all its craft production in Shropshire. Craftsmanship, taste and a one-of-a-kind approach differentiate our products in the confectionery world.  


Selecting the best available raw ingredients the market has to offer. Matching this with both time-honoured and innovative techniques to create thoughtfully priced pastry products for the more sophisticated palate.


Having mastered our processes over many years and by harnessing our acquired technical knowledge, we continue to strive towards the culmination of exceptionally calibrated recipes.


Confectionery is the complex and subtle relationship among all the ingredients. The flavours have to complement each other and not clash. This we found is the key to producing successful pastry products.

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